Anonymous non-custodial multi-wallet   with the ability to store and earn $TON

Your secret place in the wild and scam world

One app —> ∞ account

A wallet with the ability to create and import more than one account and synchronize with the TON network without centralized intermediary services. And if you know the public address of any wallet - you can check it out all about them

JUSTON more than wallet — it's ecosystem

We truly believe in a future without bureaucracy and other centralized stuff.

Our mission is freedom, and all products will be aimed at achieving it

Anonymous transfers (coming soon)

You can make a transaction anonymous in two taps

  • Choose destination


  • Shuffling transactions on custodial wallets


  • Sending coins to the selected destination from a `clean` wallet


  • Everyone is happy


Embedded dApp browser

Use TON dApps with the built-in browser to quickly authorize and send transactions from your wallet

Unique NFT Collection

Imitating the aesthetics of the 80s and the spirit of the TON community, we decided to release an old-school NFT collection on the theme of old American bars in neon style.

Each NFT art will not only be delightful and cozy, but will also give improvements to your account inside the application

  • Total supply ~10000
  • Floor price ~150 $TON
  • Ability to customize the JUSTON app with your NFTs

DEX platform with minimum fees, $JON and staking

Buy, exchange and send tokens right from your wallet, also you can stake $HON token a yield of 12%

Our team

We firmly believe in the future of WEB3, even if this future is foggy. And we are ready to pay our time and money (which is running out) for this product.

  • Developer


  • Marketing


  • Developer


  • Developer